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What our patients are saying...

Dear Dr Dabke
Thank you very much for a fantastic operation. Your skill and care is very much appreciated. As I wished for and dreamed of, you have given me back my mobility and in a way my life. My wife has been amazed at my progress and so am I. Thanks gain and very best wishes to you and your team

Dr DW, Southampton

Dear Mr Dabke and team,
Absolutely everyone has been amazed by my recovery and healing and the neatness of my scar after your skills and talents performing a laminaplasty. Now, after 8 weeks, there is no pain or discomfort- mobility is restricted of course (but we knew it didn't we). I am driving again (watch out Lewis Hamilton)! Thank you so much for being my special, clever hero.

JG, Salisbury

Dear Mr Dabke,
I know its been 6 months, but I wanted to thank you. I now have hardly any pain, I am back doing my work ans so far I haven't had any troubles at all. I can't tell you what it feels like to have no back/ leg pain.

KR, Salisbury

Dear Mr Dabke,
This is to thank you and your team for making my life so much better

MC, Salisbury

Dear Dr Dabke,
After months of extreme suffering, I am now pain free. It is a miracle-It is because of you and I cannot thank you enough.

NW, Southampton

Dear Mr Dabke,
Just a quick note to say thank you for all that you have done for me.This is the first time in ten years that I haven't had backache. My life has returned to normality since the operation and I can play foot ball and games with my children, which I was unable to do before. Best wishes,


Dear Mr Dabke,
We both get paid for our work and we both have the satisfaction of seeing our patients recover. This card is just to give you my heartfelt thanks for proceeding to do the 3-hour operation on my back. I understand you are a bit of a perfectionist so I am deducing that you have done the best possible job

AS (March 2015)

Dear Mr Dabke,
I just wanted to write and personally thank you for everything you have done for me over the last few months. For that, I will be eternally grateful.You inspired me with confidence,making the decision to go forward for back surgery easier.It was without doubt, the best choice I could have made. Your masterwork has completely changed my life, allowing me to think, feel and live like I once used to. I cannot thank you enough and will always remeber you for your professionalism and kindness.


Dear Mr Dabke,
I feel I must write to say how much I appreciate the kindness and care that you have given me. I was really at a loss to know why I was in so much pain or to know exactly where it was located but with your patience and expertise, I am free of pain and am truly grateful. Thank you all so much.


Dear Mr Dabke,
Just wanted to say "thank you" for yesterday's injection. I neither remember nor felt a thing- thanks to your kindness and extremely skillful expertise of course.


Dear Mr Dabke,
I am back home following my stay in Hospital and am pleased that all is going well and am gradually able to resume my normal duties. I am grateful to you and your team and indeed all the staff on the wards for the support and care. Please accept my sincere thanks to all concerned.


Dear Mr Dabke,
I really don't know what you did during my operation but the pain disappeared almost immediately and apart from some minor problems my back is now giving me no problems. I thank you so very much for all the work you have performed on my back over the years and been able to restore my quality of life. Kind regards,


Dear Mr Dabke,
It has now been just over a month since my "decompression" surgery and I wanted to let you know that my recovery has not only been amazing but much quicker than anticipated.... I wanted to write and express my sincere thanks to you and your team for all that you have done to get me back to being able to walk without discomfort and once again able to enjoy life to the full. Kind regards,


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