International Presentations done by Mr H V Dabke
1.How accurate is partial weight bearing?
EFORT, Helsinki, June 2003.

2.Effect of shortening of an intravenous cannula on its infusion rate
European Trauma Society, Prague, May 2004.

3. Early experience of the MOJE metatarso-phalangeal joint replacement European Foot and Ankle Society, Montpellier, April 2004.

4.Comparison between lateral and posterior surgical approach on the
outcome of total hip arthroplasty.
- International Symposium on Analysis of Human Movement. France,
June 2006.
- World Congress of Biomechanics, Munich, July 2006.

5. Should scoliosis patients be on a waiting list?
Scoliosis Research Society, Edinburgh, Sept 2007.

6. Analysis of sagittal alignment correction in ankylosing spondylitis using three different osteotomy techniques.
Spineweek, Geneva, May 2008

7. Spinal deformity correction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Sublaminar wiring fixation versus pedicle screw fixation.
Spineweek, Geneva, May 2008

8. Presentation to publication rate of studies presented in CSRS meetings. Cervical Spine Research Society, Utah, Dec 2009