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* Dear Dr Dabke
Thank you very much for a fantastic operation. Your skill and care is very much appreciated. As I wished for and dreamed of, you have given me back my mobility and in a way my life. My wife has been amazed at my progress and so am I. Thanks gain and very best wishes to you and your team. Dr DW, Southampton

* Dear Mr Dabke and team,
Absolutely everyone has been amazed by my recovery and healing and the neatness of my scar after your skills and talents performing a laminaplasty. Now, after 8 weeks, there is no pain or discomfort- mobility is restricted of course (but we knew it didn't we). I am driving again (watch out Lewis Hamilton)! Thank you so much for being my special, clever hero. JG, Salisbury

* Dear Mr Dabke,
I know its been 6 months, but I wanted to thank you. I now have hardly any pain, I am back doing my work ans so far I haven't had any troubles at all. I can't tell you what it feels like to have no back/ leg pain. KR, Salisbury

* Dear Mr Dabke,
This is to thank you and your team for making my life so much better- MC, Salisbury

* Mr Dabke,
Thank you for an excellent operation. Please accept my gratitude. MF, Salisbury

* Dear Dr Dabke,
After months of extreme suffering, I am now pain free. It is a miracle-It is because of you and I cannot thank you enough.
NW, Southampton

* To Mr Dabke,
Thank you for your kindness. AB, Warminster

* Dear Mr Dabke,
I would like to express my thanks for the fantastic service that I had before and after my surgery. Till I had seen you, no one had explained clearly what was happening and I felt I wasn't getting anywhere.You have been very professional, kind, supportive and encouraging. Thank you very much for all you have done. SR, Salisbury

* Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. HT, Nottingham